Pipe Friction Factor Diagrams

This page provides information and links relating to friction factor in pipes and pipe friction factor diagrams (Moody diagrams).

Friction factor diagrams for pipe flow (Moody diagrams) were available in the National Digital Learning Repository (NDLR) but are now available at the link below:

A technical note that describes the basis on which the diagrams were prepared is available in the ARROW@DIT archive at: https://arrow.dit.ie/engschmecart/28. The Darcy friction factor diagrams (often called Moody diagrams) and Fanning friction factor diagrams (these too are commonly referred to as Moody diagrams) are also available at the same link https://arrow.dit.ie/engschmecart/28 as free downloads in PDF format. They are nominally in A3 size, print perfectly and are usable in A4 size, scale as vector graphics (so on a tablet or computer screen it is possible to zoom in or use guides in some PDF reader applications without any pixellation) and are available in greyscale, or with coloured lines that make reading easier. Each diagram, while highly accurate to the underlying formulae, has a tiny file size. They are on a Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike license as free downloads.

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