Just Let Me Fly


‘Just Let Me Fly’ is a three act play by Jim McGovern. The underlying genre is tragedy with some dry humour and incidental music. The main theme is academic rivalry and the feeling of being repressed or bullied. The context is a department of aeronautical engineering at a university. An audio play variant is also available: Fly Faster.

The main character, Leonard Twiglet, is a middle-aged Reader in Aeronautical Engineering at the University of Selfridge. Between the spring of 2003 and the autumn of 2004 Leonard experiences a crisis that, without his realizing it, has been building up for years.

The play also takes an irreverent look at some engineering, academic and commercial attitudes and practices. However, for those without any nerdish-technocrat sympathies, it might just be one to miss!

Casting Requirement

The full cast numbers 21. There are 8 main characters (6 male, 2 female), 6 supporting characters (4 m, 1 f, 1 m or f), 5 minor characters (2, 1, 2) and 2 extras (m or f). The minimum casting requirement would be 13, consisting of 8 main roles and 5 supporting actors playing 13 roles).

Performance History

The play has not yet been performed, nor have stage readings taken place. Jim McGovern would welcome feedback about the script and would be happy to hear from any theatre companies or theatre groups that might be interested in performing the play.

Script Download Link and Licensing

Just Let Me Fly, Version 1a 2011.06.08

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