My Drama Scripts and Creative Commons

Within the last week I published two drama scripts under the Creative Commons ‘Attribution Non-Commercial No-Derivatives’ license. One of these, ‘Just Let Me Fly,’ is a three act play and the other, ‘Fly Faster,’ is a shorter audio play variant. I had worked on these intermittently since 2003 and they have evolved through revision and reworking.

Logo comprising propellers

In common with many authors or playwrights, I am very unsure about what I have written and I am afraid that I may not have succeeded in conveying what I was trying to express. As an amateur I have struggled along, especially with the nuances. However, the World Wide Web allows me to put my work where it is freely accessible. The copyright system and the Creative Commons license allow me to share it with anybody who might be interested, while ensuring that my authorship is acknowledged and respected. I greatly appreciate the opportunity I am afforded.

The scripts are available at the links below. They include some very simple incidental music.

Just Let Me Fly

Fly Faster