Bell Tower in Garden

The world is a small place. I have never been to Australia, or China. A close family member, living in the USA, was in Perth recently and sent me a present of a press-out model of its famous Bell Tower. It came as two small sheets of foam board. I made it up and it had a height of about 325 mm.

Photoart showing Perth Bell  model in an unrelated garden

Bell tower in garden

I decided to find a nice spot for the bell tower in the garden. I took a photo of the garden location and a photo of the bell tower against a neutral background. With a little work and touching-up on my computer, I placed an enlarged version of the model bell tower in the garden. It seemed to go well with a granite fountain (purchased in Ireland, but which turned out, on delivery, to have been made in China), a nesting box on a pole, the shadow of a satellite dish and some flowers tended by another close family member.

I sent the photographic composition by e-mail to my first-mentioned close family member as a reminder of home and the smallness of the world. There is something comforting about living on a small world, thanks to technology.