Monthly Archives: June 2010

Major Tractor Safety Breakthrough

A final year student at the Dublin Institute of Technology has made a major technical breakthrough in tractor safety. James O Meara, a final year Manufacturing and Design Engineering student, won the Innovative Student Engineer 2010 (Level 8) award sponsored by Siemens and Engineers Ireland for his project. Details are available at
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A Pen that Would Remember

Imagine a ball pen that would remember what it writes, whether sketches or hundreds of pages of text. When I thought of it in May of 2008 I did not know that such a device had already been invented, but realised that most of the elements that would comprise the invention were already there in existing technology. I subsequently learned that a very similar device to what I had in mind had been invented and was being commercialized. This was the EPOS-enabled Digital Pen and USB Flash Drive from Advanced Digital Positioning Technologies (
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Plug Rather than Channel the Leaking Gulf of Mexico Oil Well

I saw on TV this evening that BP is now setting about fitting a hose onto the leaking oil well. This slip-on hose arrangement is referred to as a lower marine riser package cap (LMRP); see information available at
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