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Kindle 3 Impressions: Accolade

I received my Kindle, 6-inch screen, wireless-only version, on 14th October—sixteen days ago. I am hugely impressed by the overall product, so much so, in fact, that is awarded the Fun-Engineering Accolade for Excellence for October 2010 for the Kindle 3.
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DAB – 30 Years of Engineering Progress

Photo of Bush CDAB5R DAB stereo radio

Bush CDAB5R DAB stereo radio

Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB) became available where I live yesterday. I had given my wife a present of a Bush CDAB5R DAB stereo radio for Christmas in the knowledge that DAB radio transmissions were due to become available. This replaced a Waltham W152 mono transistor radio (FM, MW and LW), which was about thirty years old. The Waltham was a low-cost radio when I bought it and was not of high specification for the time. However, it served without fail and there was never any justification for replacing it as the counter-top radio in the kitchen.
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Microsoft’s Equation Editor: the Good and the Glitches

I had problems over the last few days, which turned out to be because of glitches in Microsoft Equation Editor within Word 2007. Lecture notes I had written suddenly lost whole sections or when I pasted in good parts of a document that had got messed-up into a new document the formatting of the new document instantly got messed-up. That was very frustrating, as I was under pressure to have my lecture notes prepared.
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