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Back to Being a Senior Lecturer

A somewhat special experience I currently enjoy happens when people who know me (more or less well) refer in one friendly way or another to the fact that I have returned to being a senior lecturer—a true academic and practitioner—in my field of Mechanical Engineering. Very often the exchange begins with the person, of whom I am an acquaintance or friend, commenting that I seem far more relaxed or happier since I returned to the lecturing role. Judging from what people say to me, it sounds as though I appeared uncomfortable, unhappy, or both in the role of Head of School. Overall, this would not capture how I actually felt generally while I was in the role, although I am sure I felt like that on occasion. I felt proud and honoured to be in a role of serving learners and colleagues. I do not regret the time that I spent as Head of School and there are many memories that I cherish from that period.
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