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Back to Being a Senior Lecturer

A somewhat special experience I currently enjoy happens when people who know me (more or less well) refer in one friendly way or another to the fact that I have returned to being a senior lecturer—a true academic and practitioner—in my field of Mechanical Engineering. Very often the exchange begins with the person, of whom I am an acquaintance or friend, commenting that I seem far more relaxed or happier since I returned to the lecturing role. Judging from what people say to me, it sounds as though I appeared uncomfortable, unhappy, or both in the role of Head of School. Overall, this would not capture how I actually felt generally while I was in the role, although I am sure I felt like that on occasion. I felt proud and honoured to be in a role of serving learners and colleagues. I do not regret the time that I spent as Head of School and there are many memories that I cherish from that period.
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Office Odour

Photo of water mark on floor

Water mark

My office is not the most pleasant place to be right now. Yesterday there was a serious water leak nearby (from a downpipe coming from the roof). I understand that this has been dealt with. Unfortunately water came into my office and wetted the carpet. It caused quite an unplesant smell, which will probably remain until the carpet has dried out. Together with the ongoing rumbling noise mentioned in Thinking Space (which is not serious enough to have merited quick action) the working environment is far from ideal.