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Gearbox Design

Novice gearbox designer: Due to the lack of free space in my gearbox I had to put one gearshaft between the teeth of a gear on another shaft.


Resultant Force

Engineering Professor: In your project to design a large workshop with many heavy benches and lathes the floor is rather thin; how can you have this without supporting pillars?

Student: It's very simple. I found the resultant force of the equipment weight; it acts through the centre of the floor. I designed a hole at that position, so that the resultant force has nothing to act on.


Fish Smell

Q: How do you stop a fish from smelling?

A: Fit it with a nose cone.


Energy Saving Washing Instructions

Wash at 30 deg.


Laugh or Cry

Q: How do you make an engineer laugh?

A: Tell them their calculations are wrong.

Q: How do you make them cry?

A: Prove it to them.

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