Paintings While at Nice

These are some more paintings that I made while staying at Nice. A large format version is also available for each at Jim’s Art Exhibition. Non-commercial use is permitted—see the Creative Commons License link in the bottom border of the page.

Watercolour painting

Le bus de Nice à Antibes

Watercolour painting

Fruits en bol d’acier

Drawing of a woman reading

Femme lisant

Painting of leaves including one suspended freely

Feuilles dynamiques et une toile d’araignée

The last painting above, whose title translates as “Dynamic leaves and a spider’s web,” needs some explanation. In the medieval village of St. Paul de Vence I noticed some foliage in front of a wooden door (or it could have been a shutter). The leaves were moving in the breeze, but there was one brown leaf, which fluttered much more than all the others and appeared suspended in space without any support. The painting is based on the photo I took of this phenomenon, which for an artist, engineer or scientist could raise a lot of ‘why’ questions.