A Pumpkin by Three Artists

Recently two of my nieces, aged 5 and 7, and I (aged 57) decided to draw a pumpkin with two apples and two plums and then to turn the drawings into paintings. We placed the pumpkin and the four pieces of fruit on the kitchen table. The girls arranged the fruit and we quickly set about making our drawings.

We coloured-in the drawings using acrylic paints. The girls chose the colours and squeezed the paint out of the tubes onto an old dinner plate we were using. The apples were green and red. There was no plum-coloured paint, so we had to make some up by mixing different colours. The girls were super-efficient at getting the work done and they both had their pages coloured-in very quickly. I was slower and had to finish mine off later.

Painting of a pumpkin

A pumpkin by Jim (aged 57)

We were very pleased with our work. We each had a beautiful picture. We had done very well for our ages, especially the two girls, who were so much younger than me.