Ablbeebl Project on Linux

I have been putting a lot of work and time into setting up the Latex side of the Ablbeebl project on Linux. All along, of course, I have been using FontForge to develop the actual characters of the font.

I have set up TeX Live under Ubuntu Linux. The basic installation of TeX and LaTeX is working well. I am using Texmaker as the GUI application for LaTeX.
I have developed five main character sets for the Ablbeebl font:

  • fabr8a – roman, normal
  • fabbr8a – roman, bold
  • fabr8a – roman, math italic
  • fabrs8a – gothic, (sans serif), normal
  • fabbs8a – gothic, bold.

All of these are based on Donald Knuth’s Computer Modern font. The five sets of characters above are a sufficient set for me to publish my ideas in relation to Ablbeebl as a font based loosely on symmetry. Slanted forms and bold slanted forms can be produced readily from these, in principle. If necessary, I can produce these variations very quickly using FontForge.

As of 11th November, 2007, I am still working on the gothic bold characters. This is a tedious process and it takes a lot of time.

Incorporating the Type 1 Ablbeebl font into TeX / LaTeX is quite a challenge. I have put a great deal of time and effort into this and progress has been painfully slow. One of the main references I am using is the Font Installation Guide by Philipp Lehman, December 2004, revision 2.14, which is available on the internet. In principle I do not want to know too much about the intricacies of setting up fonts for LaTeX under TeX Live. However, I have been forced to dig deeper and deeper in pursuing my desired outcome, which is principally to produce a publishable paper in the TeX format of the American Mathematical Society.