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Free ePub eBook about Symmetry

I have now made a free eBook available in ePub format with the title ‘Some Rather Mechanical Reflections on Symmetry.’ This is based on the inaugural lecture that I delivered in 2008 as a Professor of Dublin Institute of Technology. The ePub version of Some Rather Mechanical Reflections on Symmetry can be read on a range of devices and is in colour for those devices that can display colour. The ePub book can be read on a PC using Adobe Digital Editions.

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Hobby Projects

My main hobby project right now is Symmetry and its implications for Physics, Mathematics and Engineering. As of today the paper that I presented at the ECOS 2007 conference, entitled ‘What Have Spacetime, Shape and Symmetry to Do with Thermodynamics?’ is also published at arxiv.org. I’m delighted about that. It is available at http://www.arxiv.org/abs/0710.1242.
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