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Creating TeX AblBeebl fonts

The procedure followed for creating the Ablbeebl font for use in LaTeX (Ubunto distribution of Linux, TeX Live) is given below.

  1. Create .pfb files for each character set of AblBeebl using FontForge. Place these in a working folder (e.g. AblBeebl_r006) in the Home directory. There are two font faces AblBeebl Serif and AblBeel Sans. For each font face there are four character sets: Regular (the default face), Italic, Bold and Bold Italic. Adobe Standard Encoding is used. Only the upper and lower case letters are contained in each character set. The file names are ABLSR, ABLSRBD, ABLSRBI, ABLSRI, ABLSS, ABLSSBD, ABLSSBI, ABLSSI.
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